Self Portrait II  - 12” x 14” - pastel, ink, and gouache on paper - 2018

Self Portrait II - 12” x 14” - pastel, ink, and gouache on paper - 2018


Makenna is a lifelong Austinite, visual artist, and full-time art student currently working toward a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art.  Since 2017 she has experimented with many different mediums, and her attention has been largely devoted to deepening her understanding of perspective, shape, texture, and value.

The subjects Makenna uses for her drawings are locations, animals, people, and objects that spark her interest.  She loves compositions that draw the viewer in; many of her drawings contain deep perspective and lots of overlapping.

Makenna uses paint, ink, and charcoal, and doesn’t use a ruler or straight-edge to create lines.  The “mistakes” from the initial stages of her drawings often become a permanent part of the final work.  For Makenna, this practice is an impactful and therapeutic act of relinquishing control. It has helped her let go of the pursuit of perfection, both in her artwork and in her life.

Makenna’s three biggest influences are Georgia O'Keefe, for her bright shapes and blunt, honest personality; Frida Kahlo, for her raw depictions of her personal hardship; and Emma Lea Mayton, who, as my very first art teacher, laid the foundation for me to become an artist.